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Today, members of the Legislative Women’s Caucus raised awareness about sexual assault on college campuses by reading excerpts of the Stanford University rape survivor’s impact statement on the Senate floor.
Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) and members of the Republican Caucus recently sent a letter to the California Board of Prison Terms Commissioner Arthur Anderson urging him to deny parole of convicted murderer Steven John Burns.
Today, Chairman Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) and Vice Chairman Joel Anderson (R-Alpine) of the Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee sent a letter to Secretary of State Alex Padilla requesting further investigation into KCBS/KCAL’s reports of voter fraud in Southern California.
Today, the majority party of the Senate Committee on Appropriations blocked eight Senate Republican priority bills that work to make California affordable. As a result, the full Senate will miss an opportunity to vote up or down on these eight bills helping seniors, renters, parents, students, and low-income Californians.
Budget subcommittees met several times this past week to begin voting on the Governor’s May Revision budget proposal. Below is a summary of some key subcommittee activity this week:
The May Revision reflects slower revenue growth and avoids major new General Fund spending proposals. The Governor has called again for fiscal restraint, and Senate Republicans hope it is more than a sound bite this time. The Governor already committed to massive future spending increases through the new minimum wage requirement, and legislative Democrats are seeking billions in spending on new or expanded programs. The May Revision also adopts the $2 billion homelessness bond for the mentally ill previously proposed by Senator De Leon.
Today, Governor Brown released his updated 2016-17 budget proposals, also known as the May Revision. Senate Republicans continue to emphasize the need for a responsible budget.
Below is a summary of some subcommittee activity from the past week:
Below is a summary of some subcommittee activity from the past week: